Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

For a 19th year, our IBEW/NECA partners are mobilizing a team of volunteers to make much needed electrical repairs to low income homes in St. Louis city and county.  Each year, the Electrical Connection partnership donates services to help Rebuilding Together St. Louis improves lives throughout the region.  On April 23rd, an army of IBEW electricians and NECA contractors will meet at the IBEW union hall and then fan out to begin making repairs in 15 homes. They’ll install ceiling fans, new lighting and repair electrical hazards. 

2021 Rebuilding Together IBEW/NECA Team

As the expansion of the network of electric vehicle chargers progresses with support from federal infrastructure spending, communities are being urged to incorporate the reliability standard for EV infrastructure – the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP).  The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure guidance strongly encourages jurisdictions to consider workers’ experience and training when applying for a share of the program’s funding. “This includes ensuring the workforce is trained in high-quality training programs like the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP),” the guidance reads.  In an article about the recommendations, the IBEW Media Center showcases IBEW/NECA EV charger/infrastructure installations in St. Louis where much of the EVITP standards originated 11 years ago.  

While summer fun is just around the corner, our IBEW/NECA partners remind all boat dock owners to ensure their boat docks are electrical safe.  Exposure to the elements can compromise electric safety on metal frame docks and a shock hazard both on the dock and in the water.  Follow our tips for a safe summer of fun.