Schools & Institutions

Clayton High School

Primary, secondary and higher education institutions and civic entities greatly benefit from the planning foresight and skills of the IBEW/NECA partnership.

We are highly attentive to delivering the best value on taxpayer-supported projects or projects funded through endowments and capital campaigns. We take a “no surprises” approach to all of our projects to ensure outcomes match your stewardship of resources.

IBEW/NECA team to engineer and install electrical and communication infrastructure to support all facets of the learning environment and campus life, including:

  • Smart classrooms
  • Audio visual
  • Classroom lighting
  • Scoreboards
  • Theaters
  • Labs
  • Dorms
  • Sports facilities
  • Security
  • Remote learning
  • Sports lighting
  • Lecture halls
  • Cafeterias
  • Connectivity
  • Academic Buildings
  • Renovations and electrical upgrades

Chesterfield Government Center In addition, we are adept at installing and upgrading power, both traditional and renewable forms of energy.  In the case of renewable energy, such as solar power, we include monitoring systems for schools to educate students on evolving green energy alternatives.

And because the electrical/communications industry is a prime driver of the growing use of technology shaping our economy, we partner with schools to advance STEM education initiatives.  The Electrical Connection teams with schools to connect the applications of science, technology, English and math to careers in the electrical/communications industry.

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