Data Centers

Men in hard hats working in a data center

IBEW/NECA prowess in delivering next-generation, high-density data centers has earned honors in the AGC Keystone Awards.

Our focus is always ensuring 24/7 data integrity. Clients, such as Thomson Reuters and BJC Healthcare, have relied on our design/assist skills to make modifications to initial designs to improve reliability of safe data storage and transmission These projects have special complexities, requiring the ability to deftly adapt including:

  • Producing highly detailed 3-D blueprints to strategically route a spaghetti-like sea of conduits (more than eight miles of conduit in one project) beneath the data center.
  • Installing and integrating two independent main power service connections each with a primary panel and substation transformer along with distribution switchgear and switchboards supported by paralleling switchgear.  In one case it entailed more than 33 miles of wiring.
  • Delivering true N+1 power sourcing – with two dedicated on-site substations
  • Integrating multiple fire suppression technologies including traditional sprinkler, clean agent extinguisher and pre-action sprinkler
  • Avoiding disruptions of existing data center operations by strategically creating a utility feed using preinstalled conduits/raceways, energizing with median voltage switchgear
  • Adapting to lagging building construction of a highly compartmentalized data center by deftly laying out and installing 100 conduit pass-throughs before multiple cast-in-place structural elements were poured.

The proof of our proficiencies comes at commissioning. We have provided multipoint checklists to ensure the quality and completeness of our installations, including an Integrated System Test (IST).

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