Why it Pays to Hire The IBEW/NECA Team

Ibew/neca electricians talking

In two words – skill and safety. Electrical and communications installations are becoming more complex requiring a team that skillfully builds to code and gets the job done right the first time.

Behind the walls, above the ceilings and in the floors, electrical and data wiring run unseen and unnoticed – unless there is a problem. The IBEW/NECA team is frequently called to fix issues in homes and businesses that were installed by unskilled electricians and communication technicians. Fixing problems behind walls and above ceilings can be more expensive than initial installation costs. That’s why it’s important to hire the IBEW/NECA team to get it done right – the first time.

When you hire NECA electrical and communications contractors employing IBEW members, you are assured of getting:

  • Fully trained professional craft workers who build to code
  • Skilled project managers who optimize the skills and safety of a highly trained workforce.
  • Access to reliable suppliers of parts and materials
  • Fully insured, licensed and financially stable contractors
  • No shortcuts that could risk safety, system reliability and functionality in your home or workplace

voice & data electricians Our skilled IBEW/NECA team can handle every electrical and voice/audio/data need for your new home, remodel project, office, warehouse, industrial project, healthcare, retail, R&D facility or school. Electrical Connection connects you with the most proficient licensed electrical and communication contractors that are safe and reliable.  Our exceptional project management delivers projects on time and on budget.

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