Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Technology continues to redefine conveniences in life and nowhere is that more evident than home life. 

Today, smart home technology allows us to adjust temperature controls and light levels remotely using our cell phone.  The so called “Internet of Things” is creating an explosion of centrally controlled home automation systems.  It’s more than just controlling lights and temperature – security systems with cameras, energy management, audio/video controls, even video doorbells controlled by a mobile device app that allow a two-way conversation and can unlock the door when away from home.

According to a recent survey, homeowners are generally adopting home automation in four main categories:

  • Security systems (locks and alarm systems) (63 percent)
  • Temperature control systems (thermostats and fans) (63 percent)
  • Lighting systems and bulbs (58 percent)
  • Safety systems (fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, night lights) (56 percent)

Even more options are unfolding with cloud-based servers, app-technology and hubs and “voice control” services from companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google, such as Echo, Alexa and Google Assistant. There is also a convergence of interchangeable devices based on industry standards that reduce the time, complexity and cost of home automation while greatly improving system reliability.

Our NECA contractors keep pace with this fast changing technology and can be a valuable resource for reliable systems and suppliers.  We also assist in tailoring home automation systems for specific needs as well as install and maintain those systems.  Visit our “Find a Contractor” page to find a NECA contractor who can help develop, install and maintain a home automation system that’s right for you. 

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