Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

The glow of the holiday season is brightening thanks to our NECA contractors and IBEW workforce. Framed by the historic Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch, the Salvation Army St. Louis Midland Division’s 36-foot-tall Tree of Lights shines brilliantly for its 73rd year with Guarantee Electrical and IBEW doing the lighting as they’ve done since 1947.  Each year, Guarantee has assisted with improvements. In 2019, Guarantee worked with SWITCH to create a tree-based platform to house the electrical box and to protect the electrical components, while also protecting it from intruders. The tree base provided an additional six feet of height and increased the visibility and branding of the Salvation Army with graphics and more LED Light boxes with plexiglass panels.  In 2020 Guarantee upgraded the existing lights and added 6,200 C9 LED lights.

Photo curtesy The Salvation Army – Midland Division

Meanwhile the Electrical Connection is again reminding people to be careful this holiday season with hanging lights and using electrical devices such as space heaters and electric blankets. As it does every year, the Electrical Connection offers Winter Electrical Safety Tips to ensure people enjoy a safe holiday season.

Just as IBEW has always done, it is keeping pace with the nation’s need. While it has pioneered the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, IBEW is also powering the next generation of auto assembly plants that are producing an ever growing variety of electric vehicles – including the iconic American pickup truck.  Learn more.