Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

A total of nine NECA contractors have been named finalists for the 2020 MEP Subcontractor of the Year Awards by the American Subcontractors Association – Midwest Council.  They represent more than 50 percent of the subcontractors named finalists in the two-tiered category.  Finalists include Aschinger Electric, Guarantee Electrical Co., J.F. Electric, Inc., Kaemmerlen Electric, PayneCrest Electric, Inc., Sachs Electric, Benson Electric, Kaiser Electric and Kay-Bee Electric. Finalist and winners will be saluted at a later date.

IBEW/NECA and our electrical industry partners are carefully monitoring recent spikes in the amount of time an average customer experiences a nonmomentary power interruption during a year.  According to Electrical Contractor magazine, the System Average Interruption Duration Index in recent years has varied. In 2013, it averaged about 210 minutes per customer per year. In 2014, that number was about the same. In 2015, it declined a bit to just under 200 minutes. In 2016, it increased to about 250 minutes, in 2017 it spiked to about 475 minutes and then fell back to 345 minutes (5.8 hours) in 2018.

Major storms are causing much of those outages.  But lightning strikes or surges in the electrical grid are also contributing factors.  With homes and businesses relying more on electronics, the Electrical Connection is offering information on ways to protect electrical systems, appliances and electronics in the home.

NECA contractor Aschinger Electric is providing insights on new incentives for electric vehicle charging stations.  Read more