Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

St. Louis Construction News and Review (CNR) tapped two of our NECA contractors to examine the complexities of industrial projects in its latest issue.  Ryan Freeman, president of PayneCrest Electric, noted the diversity of international suppliers of industrial components.  It creates the challenge of “translating sometimes hundreds of pages of design and installation instructions.”  “’There are definite complexities with regard to these supporting documents,’ said Freeman, whose firm is on the project team that’s building an automotive electric battery plant in Spring Hill, Tenn.”


Meanwhile, “John Hritzkowin, vice president of industrial at Guarantee Electrical Co., says the company has been busy working on wastewater and clean water treatment facilities. ‘There’s a lot of heavy power and a lot of heavy electrical and mechanical systems controls associated with these types of projects,’ he said. ‘U.S. Dept. of Natural Resources regulations require certain scopes of work to be completed during certain times of the year, so that adds complexity to the work we are doing.”  Learn more about why our IBEW/NECA partners have been honored 22 times in the AGC Construction Keystone Awards for multi-faceted industrial projects.


We are ramping up one of our largest and most enduring community service efforts in April and the tale of the tape is impressive.  For 17 years, our IBEW/NECA partners have donated $1.5 million in labor cost and more than $880,000 in materials to improve 555 homes for low-income, disabled and elderly St. Louisans for Rebuilding Together.  We are very much committed to repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives!



And if you stopped by the Women’s Construction Expo earlier this month, hope you had a chance to visit with IBEW Local 1 JATC Instructor Dawn Puto and Director Shawn Levin.  Opportunities abound in our industry for women as we energize a future that includes renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, smart homes and businesses, electric vehicle  and next generation communication infrastructure.