Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

Three NECA contractors landed in Engineering News Record’s (ENR) benchmark Top 600 Specialty Contractors with two earning placement among the top 50 electrical contractors nationally. Ranked by 2021 revenues, Sachs Electric, an ArchKey Solutions company, placed 10th among all electrical contractors and 23rd among all specialty contractors.  Guarantee Electrical Co. ranked 48th among all electrical contractors and 156th among all specialty contractors.  Aschinger Electric, which became part of Guarantee Electrical late last year, ranked 378th in the universe of special contractors.

ENR noted “A full two years into the pandemic, Top 600 firms report that their challenges are largely the same, with nuanced differences depending on industry. Increasing costs, rising risks and scarce skilled hands to keep their operations moving at peak production are top of mind for most, but firms are learning to work smarter with the resources they have to manage expectations and complete projects on time.Read the full article and the rankings.

As our IBEW and NECA partners expand electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, EV battery technology is advancing with word that Penn State University has developed a breakthrough that delivers a 10-minute charging time for EVs. The new technology in battery design not only allows for a shorter charge time, but also delivers more energy acquired for longer travel range.  Learn more.

On November 4th, Julie Parker, an IBEW journeywoman and Guarantee Electrical Co.’s pre-fab supervisor, was saluted by Missouri Women in Trades at its 2022 Blue Collar, Black Tie Awards Gala. Parker was honored with an Honorable Mention for the Tradeswomen of the Year award.  From underground conduit banks, to VFD control panels or hospital patient headwalls, the prefabricated assemblies that come out of Parker's prefab shop consistently excel in quality and innovation. Parker is a third-generation electrician. She leads with precision and focus, always ensuring a job well done and passes her knowledge on to the next generation of pre-fab specialists. Congrats Julie.