Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

NECA contractor J.F. Electric is part of the team helping Donco, LLC better serve its customers with a new service maintenance facility.  The 21,500-square-foot building is emerging at Lake Front Parkway in Edwardsville and is designed to service Donco’s fleet of more than 200 vehicles.  Contegra Construction is the general contractor.  The building will be completed at the end of 2019.  Se the St. Louis Business Journal story on the new facility.

Larry Hughes Basketball Academy (LHBA) tapped NECA contractor TSI Global Companies for the team that installed state-of-the-art technology in its curriculum to help young athletes improve their performance.  The Kinexon’s player tracking system and RSPCT’s shot tracking system monitors every player on the court, their movement and their basketball shots.  The shot tracking technology measures the arc, the speed and where the ball hit the rim, creating data points on every aspect of the player’s motion and shots.  “The cutting edge technology that Kinexon’s player tracking system and RSPCT’s shot tracking system, when integrated together, is ground breaking.  We had to work closely with the teams at Kinexon and RSPCT to ensure that we all delivered a single integrated technology solution for the client”, said Tim Duncan, senior account manager, TSI Global Companies. 

Currently, the NBA is the only other organization that is using this technology.  The success of LHBA has prompted the developers to expand the technology to multiple facilities around the country. Learn more about the project

IBEW Local 1 and NECA contractors PayneCrest Electric and J West Electrical Contracting teamed to broaden the skills of Missouri Women in Trades (MoWIT) at the "Wire a Light Workday" held at the St. Louis Workers Education Society (WES). IBEW supervised the trainees while PayneCrest and Frost Supply donated all of the materials for the project.  Read more.