Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

The Missouri Energy Policy Conference held Oct. 3-4, 2017 in St. Louis featured the Electrical Connection’s Jim Curran monitoring a panel discussion on Energy Infrastructure: Bottom Dollar of Need and Impact.  

The panel discussion examined the current status of energy infrastructure, how rural America can be included upgrades and how large energy consumers balance the need for low cost with updated and reliable systems.  Panelists included representatives from Accenture, SDS Consulting and the American Gas Association. The program book included an article from Curran on smart lighting technology and can be downloaded at this link

NECA contractor Kaemmerlen Electric teamed with IBEW to help build one of the most high-tech offices in the St. Louis area – World Wide Technologies global headquarters in Maryland Heights, Mo.  The massive 208,000-square-foot building was featured in the July/August issue of St. Louis Construction News and Review (CNR), which noted it was “brimming with cutting-edge technology” for the firm’s nearly 1,000 employees.  That includes smart building technology and hundreds of monitors throughout the structure. 

In the same issue of CNR, the Electrical Connection’s commitment to advancing the safe and proper use of drones was spotlighted in a feature on technology tools in the construction industry.

IBEW Local 1 made good health a festive event at its "Health Fair 2017: “Light the Path to a Healthy Tomorrow.”  Families were connected with a number of health and wellness resources.

Following the devastation of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, NECA issued electrical safety guidelines similar to recommendations by the Electrical Connection last spring when St. Louis was inundated with a record flood.  The NECA guidelines provide excellent safety precautions to consider in any disaster recovery and can be found at this link.

Electric TV featured a compelling video on how IBEW/NECA members lived through and helped with efforts to help Texas recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.