Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming next to power lines is a job for professionals. In most cases, the electric service provider is responsible for clearing trees and limbs that may endanger electrical lines. Unqualified workers put their and others’ lives in jeopardy without the correct training and proper tools required to work near high voltage power lines.

Reputable tree trimmers must consider the following:

  • Assume all power lines are energized
  • Carefully evaluate the danger of trimming trees that appear to be at a safe distance from power lines.
  • Use extreme caution when moving equipment and ladders
  • Consider weather conditions
  • Perform a detailed assessment of worksite before starting
  • Determine the trees falling direction
  • Be alert at all times

Trimming trees and tree removal is a very dangerous job. This is not a job for the “do it yourselfer” or the so-called “handyman.” In addition to electrical hazards, safety codes must be followed.

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