Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

NECA contractor Shaeffer Electric and its volunteers have brightened the non-profit Sherwood Forest camp which serves children from low-income households and underserved communities in Missouri and Illinois.  The camp, located in the heart of the Ozarks near Lesterville, Mo., needed upgrades in electrical infrastructure and fixtures. Shaeffer’s skilled volunteers installed 23 new LED fixtures in multiple cabins and improved lighting in the facility’s dining room. Outside the main dining room, a new wall pack illuminates the path for safe and inviting evening strolls. Volunteers also installed a dedicated circuit for a food warmer.


Congrats to Archkey Sachs Electric which earned the 2023 Safety Award in Division 1 in the American Subcontractors Association – Midwest Council Red-Carpet Awards Gala on April 20th, 2024.  The ASA Midwest Council awarded special safety awards to qualifying ASA members who have achieved work safety excellence in 2023, as well as an overall safety cup award given to one ASA member company. Learn more.

Electrical Connection contractor TSI Global Companies has earned a 2023 commendation and award from the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) Program.  TSI noted that its “stringent safe driving policy and job safety standards are essential for safeguarding everyone's well-being and ensuring our employees return home safely. While we're honored to receive this award, it's crucial to reaffirm our dedication to these policies to maintain our zero-incidence rate. We extend our gratitude to all our employees for their ongoing commitment to safe driving and job safety.”