Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

Transformers, switchgear, and generators are among the most critical components in commercial/industrial construction. But since Covid, supply chain issues have created persistent procurement challenges according to St. Louis Construction News and Review in an article tapping two NECA contractors – Guarantee Electrical and PayneCrest Electric.  According to Guarantee’s Rick Branstetter, “switchgear used to arrive in 10 to 12 weeks. Now we’re looking at 50 to 70 weeks.” “The longest lead time I have seen was 36 months to procure a large pad-mounted transformer for a major manufacturing facility,” says Ryan Freeman, president, PayneCrest.  Both companies are adapting by encouraging earlier engagement on electrical design and ordering critical electrical components, tapping their reliable suppliers for solutions and engineering alternatives.  Learn more.



NECA contractor, Vision Electric, and its IBEW Local 1 workforce were part of the team led by Contegra Construction that delivered AZZ Precoat Metals’ new 220,000-square-foot production facility in Washington, Mo. The project allows AZZ Precoat to meet increasing demand for coated aluminum coils slit to custom widths and will augment the firm’s current production capabilities for customized steel, aluminum and galvanized metal coils used in containers, buildings, housing, automobiles, product storage, appliances, HVAC and more. The facility hosts a 212,000-square-foot production zone and 8,000 square feet of office space.  The production zone is served by three 30-ton overhead cranes and advanced equipment for preparing, coating, slitting, and packaging aluminum coils.  Production will commence in 2025. AZZ Precoat is the first tenant to emerge in the new 115-acre Oldenburg Industrial Park in Washington. Learn more.

May is National Electrical Safety Month and NECA contractor Kay-Bee Electric is providing some tips on mitigating hazards in the home.  It notes that “ensuring that your wiring, outlets, and appliances are in good working condition is crucial for preventing hazards such as electrical fires and shocks. Regular maintenance checks and prompt repairs are essential to keep your home safe and secure. Remember, when in doubt, always consult a qualified electrician to address any concerns and maintain the safety of your electrical setup.”