Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

The pandemic changed a lot of things, including the availability of material supplies. While our IBEW/NECA partners have adapted by fortifying supply networks, they are also proving the wisdom of engaging their customers in the early stages of project planning to deliver the best material pricing and delivery.

According to a recent report, “suppliers have been striving to improve and many have announced major investments in expanded / new plants … to the tune of about $1 – 2 billion with those factories in the US, but it takes time. Growth has been driven by the data center market, electrification (inclusive of the entire EV complex), industrial segment growth, and the utilities upgrading equipment (and the grid) and increasing capacity (to support the EV complex, especially the anticipated demand for EV vehicles.).  Learn more about how this is impacting the switchgear and utility market.



You hear the term “low voltage” and it sure doesn’t sound complex, but it is. NECA contractor Schaeffer Electric recently completed a low voltage project for a local restaurant/entertainment venue that supports audio visual, wireless point-of-sale technology, data network, CCTV, security, and access control systems. It entailed installing 170 speakers, 74 TV’s, projector and screen, a large video wall two stories high, 56 cameras, seven access-controlled doors, along with motion sensors, door contacts at every man door and overhead door.


The only way to continuously advance safety in our industry is to embrace the concept of limitless safety. That’s why our IBEW/NECA partners recently invited National Safety Consulting to bring our members up to speed on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E safety standard to protect against electrical hazards including shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arch blast.  The learning session drew a full house of IBEW/NECA professionals at the IBEW Union Hall.