Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

NECA contractor Vision Electric is part of the team led by Contegra Construction building the first industrial project at the 115-acre Oldenburg Industrial Park in Washington, Mo.  The 220,00-square-foot production facility AZZ Precoat Metals will be completed in the spring of next year.  AZZ Precoat is North America’s leading independent metal coil coater. The project expands the firm’s current production capabilities for customized steel, aluminum and galvanized metal coils used in containers, buildings, housing, automobiles, product storage, appliances, HVAC and more.  Learn more.


Dennis Heinle, director of IT for NECA contractor Guarantee Electrical, has been named a finalist for the St. Louis Orbie Awards.  Heinle is being honored in the large corporate category.  Presented by St. Louis CIO, part of a national professional organization of IT leadership, the awards salute technology executives for leadership, innovation and excellence.  Winners will be announced on Dec. 8th.  Heinle has served Guarantee for more than 21 years, guiding the firm as it implements the latest technology to improve efficiency in the construction industry.  Learn more


How innovative can we get? How about electrified roads? CNBC recently detailed efforts underway to build the first electric road project in Detroit. It notes that “electric road projects are appearing across the world as a potential solution to supplement static charging, allowing EV drivers to wirelessly charge their cars while they drive.” The constant innovation and ingenuity is the major reason why our IBEW/NECA Electrical Industry Training Center continuously adapts its curriculum to develop the pacesetting skills needed to build new technology.