Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA in the News

Sometimes big projects have small spaces.  Such was the case on a recent project by NECA contractor Schaeffer Electric and its IBEW Local 1 workforce.  Through intense planning and collaboration with building team members, Schaeffer installed two three-megawatt generators on an extremely tight site. Each generator, complete with enclosure, tank, genset and platforms weighed 185,000 pounds to lift into place and 285,000 pounds filled with fuel.  Critical to the project’s success was a fully BIM modeled site and prefabricated underground racks.  That allowed the Schaeffer team to install the generators quickly and safely with no issues.

A drive through Florissant, Mo. reveals a legacy that Kay-Bee Electric has built since being founded 75 years ago in the St. Louis suburb.  Now the firm is transitioning to a third generation of family leadership as detailed in a business profile in the St. Louis Business Journal. Brian Kohnen, who has served as president of the Florissant-based company after succeeding his brother Steve Kohnen in 2015, is stepping down to a part-time role in the business, while remaining as chairman. Paul Kohnen, Brian’s son, will be taking over as president.”  The man who founded the company – Paul’s grandfather John Kohnen – is still fondly remembered in Florissant with a banner and plaque that salutes his service country the founding of an enduring business.


Down in Farmington, Missouri, Sam Scism Ford is going solar with the help of SAEC Electric and its IBEW Local 1 workforce.  Partnering with Exceptional Energy Solutions, SAEC navigated the challenges of aligning an output voltage of 277/480 wye to a 240-volt grounded B service.  The voltages were matched up with thoughtful planning, including working with manufacturers get the right equipment to ultimately make the solar system work flawlessly.  The design/build rooftop solar array produces 99.36 kilowatts of power.