August Electrical Safety Tips

As summer winds down, here’s a look some electrical safety tips to keep in mind...

Outdoor Decks – They are great entertainment spaces, but be sure the wiring is safe.  Most jurisdictions require permit to add a deck and any unsafe overhead electric drops that are low enough to be a hazard to anyone on the deck will fail inspection.  So will outdoor receptacles installed with the wrong weatherproof cover and outdoor light fixtures installed without the required electrical box. Hire a professional electrical contractor who knows the code in your region.

Avoiding Electrical Wiring when Hanging a Picture – Know that electrical wiring typically runs either vertically, up and down the side of a stud or horizontally. Avoid drilling or nailing above a receptacle or light switch. Use a stud finder to locate a wall stud to firmly anchor the picture support.

Hanging a picture

Trees and Power Lines – After a season of growth and storms, trees and their limbs may endanger power lines.  Trimming trees near power lines is not a “do it yourself” job. Typically, the utility provider is responsible for clearing trees and limbs from main power lines. You may be responsible for service connections to your home.  That work requires a licensed and experienced electrical contractor.

As always, you can search our data base of licensed and experience electrical contractors to ensure any electrical work is done safely and will pass inspection.