Electrical Connection provides electrical maintenance including lighting systems, power outlets, surge protector and generators for residential, industrial and commercial building. Our electrical maintenance technicians will provide a maintenance plan including a variety of information such as regular replacement of fluorescent and incandescent lights.

We also provide a preventative maintenance plan which includes scheduled inspections to fix smaller problems so that they do not escalate into large ones. This is especially important for manufacturing facilities, factories and plants that heavily rely on these systems for daily operations. We will ensure that your lighting and electrical solutions are at optimum efficiency which plays a large role in productivity and cost of running facilities.

We want to prevent “Our equipment is destroyed” calls and that is why we don’t cut corners. We provide the best and highly-trained electrical maintenance technicians no matter the size of the project. We make sure that all wiring for your new home, office or facility complies with all the safety standards and local codes using the best practices, latest materials and tools.

Let the technicians with Electrical Connection keep your electrical systems working flawlessly.

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