Data Centers

Electrical Connection has a variety of data center electricians that perform low and medium voltage system operational maintenance. They perform data center electrical runs including: installs, energizes, de-energizes, prepares and removes power distribution as required.

Our data center services include:

  • Access multiple internet service providers
  • Create a tailored hosting environment to fit your applications
  • Get the performance of a physical server and to control the cloud
  • Route optimization technology- ensure reliable performance
  • Create a global network of data centers
  • Deliver content and stream live or on-demand video

Our data center electricians ensure operational, maintenance and emergency methods are strictly followed. They also operate and perform routine and emergency service for a variety of data center projects including: medium voltage switchgear, diesel generators, paralleling switchboards, UPS, PDU, mechanical heat rejection systems, computer room air handlers, fire detection/suppression and building monitoring systems.

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